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Dry skin

Why is it so important to protect the skin against moisture loss?

Dry skin affects most of us. Sometimes it is associated with poor care, sometimes with excessive hygiene. No matter what the cause of dryness, it will always lead to skin diseases and even reduced immunity. On the cosmetic side, just use it to look worse. Fight irritation, healing or just get older faster.

Dry skin has a disturbed hydrolipid barrier. That is, transepidermal water loss (TEWL) is not available. Loss of water from deeper layers of the skin slows down metabolism, i.e. its renewed. The keratinization process is disturbed, keratinized epidermis is difficult to peel off, which causes clogging comparisons and rough skin. Dry skin, also does not synthesize collagen and elastin enough to keep it firm. The longer they are struggling with dry skin, the greater the eczema response or inflammatory response to different types of allergens. Then it will only get worse.

What can we do?

To relieve the symptoms of dry skin and thereby prevent its various diseases or stop the aging process, we must stop water loss (TEWL). We will not do this unless we rebuild the hydrolipid barrier. This barrier creates sebum. However, with dry skin, our sebum has the wrong composition. Instead of focusing on products that work deeply, you should pay attention to the nutrition of the outermost layer of the skin. That is the stratum corneum. This is where our sebum affects the proper regeneration process, called keratinization. It is a continuous process, when it is correct, it is almost invisible. The skin is constantly peeling, the goal should be to care for this process that accelerates.

So how do you care for your skin to speed up its metabolism?

Care in 3 simple steps: cleansing, exfoliation and nutrition. If cleansing and exfoliation alone are not difficult to control, then just eating your skin can be a problem.

First of all,

when choosing nutritional cosmetics, it’s best to choose ones that contain fatty acids, preferably unsaturated. Raw materials such as shea butter, baobab seed oil, cocoa butter are rich in ingredients that naturally occur in healthy sebum. Therefore, they will be the best nutritional cosmetic. They will provide the stratum corneum exactly the substances it lacks. Unsaturated fatty acids are invaluable in care. They immediately reduce skin tension, regulate sebum production (even if the problem is not dry but also oily skin). They smooth and make it softer and more pleasant to the touch.


it is best if the cream does not contain water. It is completely unnecessary for this care. In addition, there is a lack of water, very often no preservatives, which is better for irritated skin and still safe for it (cosmetics without water, they do not need preservatives).

Cosmetics recommended for problematic, excessively dry or irritated skin are creams ili ola Aleksandra Kubas. These are creams, like nutritional concentrates, ideally suited to the needs of dry skin. Creams do not contain water, and thanks to unprecedented production technology retain all unsaturated fatty acids. They are like a compress that reduces skin tension and soothes irritations. They give immediate relief.

The skin in the next few hours becomes smooth, soft and pleasant to the touch. Creams have the form of a mousse that does not leave sticky skin, does not rub off it. Good skin adhesion is definitely the biggest plus of these cosmetics. Thanks to this, you stop water loss for many hours, which is an indirect moisturizing effect.

Remember that moisturized skin is healthy, young-looking skin. After 4 weeks of regular use, the cream reduced the visibility of wrinkles by an average of 10% and increased skin firmness by up to 75%! There is no better proof that a good cream is a cream that does not interfere with constant skin renewal, definitely inhibits water loss and makes dry skin a temporary problem.

Take care of yourself!


Aleksandra Kubas owner
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