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Perfect skin

Perfect skin? Two simple steps are enough – the correct exfoliation process depends on them.

You look in the mirror and wonder where do you get pimples, lumps or rough skin in some places? You take care of her! Are you sure you are doing it right?

Let’s assume that you are healthy / healthy, eat well, do not overdo it with stimulants, and yet your skin, unfortunately, causes you problems … Why is that?

I will start with the fact that all your care should focus on the outermost layer of skin, which is called the stratum corneum. It is an extremely thin film that serves as a barrier to pathogenic microorganisms, prevents excessive water loss (TEWL), and the proper functioning of all layers of the skin depends on its quality. When choosing cosmetics, focus on decent, but also gentle cleansing and protection of the skin. Do not think about whether the cosmetic penetrates deeper or not. If the stratum corneum is not working properly, nothing deeply absorbed will help.

Start proper care today in two steps, and I guarantee you that you will quickly notice the desired effects. Then you will be able to add more cosmetics to the care, more treatments, the skin will be well prepared for them.


The first mistake in daily care is incorrect or “sloppy” skin cleansing. If you do it quickly, inaccurately, you irritate the skin, making it ugly red, dry, the pH is upset, the protective layer is damaged, and it is still uncleaned. A quick way to get more pimples, excessive seborrhea, or flaking on dry skin.


How to cleanse the skin properly?


First dissolve the dirt that is on it.

You can use oils for this, coconut oil is sufficient, due to bacterial, fungicidal and virucidal effects, and because it is simply a good solvent for dirt that stuck to the skin during the day, and makeup.

Spread the oil on your hands and gently massage the face, I do it for about a minute. This is enough, and for this massaging the face stimulates lymph flow, improves blood circulation (in a word, you improve its tone and tension). Then rinse with warm water (you will not wash the oil thoroughly with water alone, because for this you need an emulsifier that is not in the oils, it does not matter, it’s not over yet).

The next step is to wash away the remaining impurities and the oil used.

Choose very gentle washing liquids for this, you no longer need aggressive surfactants, because the dirt has already been “torn off” from the skin, it is easy to wash it off.

I recommend gentle cleansing liquids, e.g. from Beyond Organic Skincare. They are quite watery, light, based on aloe juice, gently foam, because they contain betaine as a washing ingredient, it is not an aggressive detergent, you would not wash your makeup with liquid alone, and certainly not exactly, but now this gel will cope perfectly. The skin will be clean and not tight.

The gel can be bought from Ania Grela, in the Beauty Workshop.

The final stage of cleansing is gentle exfoliation.

Peeling, because we are talking about it, should be gentle so as not to “tear” the skin, but peel off what does not fall off (the horny layer is still peeling off, proper peeling is almost invisible, while when the skin is too dry, desmosomal connections are too strong and must be mechanically peeled or dissolved with acids). It is very important not to use coarse peels, they do not have the same power as these tiny grains (salt peels, technologically well thought out, will make the skin smooth, slightly pink and clean).

One that I can recommend with a clear conscience is the Kire Skin peeling, you will find it here: (I love it!), I do not like mechanical peels. They are either too irritating or unpleasant to use, it is difficult to rinse, etc. But this one is made with the head! The salt is fine, which easily allows for the intensity of abrasion controlled by water (adding water, the peeling will be milder), it also contains a lot of plant extracts, and it’s antioxidants (I wrote about oxidative stress here). The peeling smells nice, naturally, is easily removed, and does not leave oily skin (despite the oil base).

Finally, spray your face with tonic (any water with the addition of plant extracts will be good, it’s important to leave the tonic on your face, not rub the skin with a cotton swab. It is not used for cleaning, only to neutralize the pH.

Now your skin is clean! Really clean and admit it, its color is simply healthy and touch gives you pleasure.



Apply a cream on such cleansed skin.

What mistakes are you making?

You use completely hopeless creams. The ones you think are “light” and “quickly absorbed”. They only ruin your evening ritual and evaporate quickly.

Creams do not absorb, they evaporate, because most are made of water. And the water does not penetrate the stratum corneum from the outside (otherwise a normal bath would be quite dangerous ????)

There will be a bit of cream, oil emulsifier on the skin (and there is really a few percent in the recipe) and … that’s it. In the morning the skin will be gray and ugly again ☹

What cream should you choose?


Choose one that will prevent water loss (reduce TEWL), take care of the lipid layer, and nourish the skin. The best you can choose is here. The cream will not evaporate (because there is no water in it), it will not be absorbed (it will stay where it should be, on the epidermis, on the layer you need to ensure that all skin is healthy). Strange right?

The cream will not leave an oily layer, just an incredibly smooth and slightly illuminated face. The omega acids contained in the cream will soften the epidermis, regulate sebum production (with excessive production, reduce it, and with very dry skin will finally make it soft, thanks to linoleic acid).

Apply the cream with gentle massaging movements. With very dry skin, you can apply a little more and treat it as a mask for the night. This cream, thanks to its excellent adhesion to the skin, will help skin regeneration all night long, making it look better the next day. I guarantee that not only you will notice it. ????


What will happen in your skin now?


First of all, thanks to proper cleansing, nothing new will pop out for you.

Secondly, on such cleansed skin, nutritional cosmetics will be able to work freely.

Natural cream, thanks to its amazing moisturizing properties, will accelerate skin metabolism. Fast metabolism means faster skin renewal, faster and less visible exfoliation, faster getting rid of minor sun spots, healing wounds, scratches, or acne residue. Thanks to the omega acids, the skin will be soft, and if you struggle with excessive sebum secretion, linoleic acid (present in the cream) will make your skin produce less and not be as thick as before.

This entire evening ritual will last no more than 10 minutes. You need so much time to quickly improve your skin condition.

In the morning, wash your mouth with the same gentle liquid, spray your face with tonic and apply a bit of natural cream. It will also take care of your skin very well during the day, suitable for makeup and will still prevent water loss, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the skin.


Take care of yourself



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