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All our products are water-free and preservative-free. From oil, oils and butters. They make the skin gain momentum in its renewal. It regenerates quickly.

Creams and oils are so priced to make them even the most sensitive to temperature ingredients such as unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and flavonoids. A product so rich deep from life Supplementing the deficiency of sebum. It will seal the lipid barrier.

Our products don't fall into products for oily skin and dry skin, because we know both problems have a share of cause. It is a lack of good-quality sebum. Complementing the shortages you will make your skin metabolize higher and better. It will peel off help. Problems with acne will end, as well as with a thin and tired complexion. Choose the product you prefer.

Oriental scent cream in the form of a mousse, or maybe this cream without the addition of fragrances (then it smells slightly of coconut).

However, if you are a fan of For oils, try NANI face oil with a slightly herbal fragrance.



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A luxurious face and body care cream. Very pleasant to use. A real concentrate of active ingredients without water or preservatives. It meets the many needs of mature skin. First, it will moisturize the skin and make it soft within a few hours of application. Over time, the stratum corneum will peel off, revealing beautiful, smooth, and supple skin.

The cream improves skin tone by accelerating its metabolism (faster metabolism means faster cell renewal and exfoliation of sunspots). Additionally, it increases the synthesis of elastin, creating more dense skin, through which blood vessels will not pierce so much (the effect of “blue skin” is caused by thin skin).

Butyrospermum Parkii

SHEA BUTTER – Parka’s cultivated butterscotch in Africa are a great source of oleic acid necessary in the processes of skin regeneration and strengthening of the intercellular stratum corneum. It is a valuable source of vitamins A and E. Shea butter makes the skin smooth, properly moisturized and covered with a delicate fat film that protects it from external factors. It also has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. It is a natural UV filter (SPF approx. 6). It also has rejuvenating properties, as it prevents the breakdown of elastin.

Theobroma Cacao

COCOA BUTTER – obtained from cocoa tree nuts. It is characterized by a beautiful cocoa aroma. It contains ingredients with antioxidant properties and thanks to these properties it neutralizes the action of free radicals in the skin. It also shows compliance with the composition of human sebum by supplementing its deficiencies in the skin.

Adansonia Digitata Seed Oil

BAOBAB SEED OIL – a wonderful composition: monounsaturated omega-9 and polyunsaturated omega-6, saturated fatty acids forming a protective film on the skin and regenerative properties as well as compatibility with the composition of human sebum makes this oil a natural protective factor for skin. Baobab oil has the properties of healing minor wounds and scratches, protects against water loss from the epidermis limiting TEWL, supports the reconstruction of intercellular cement and also regulates the sebaceous glands of the skin (omega-6 acids). It contains vitamins A, D, E. It has anti-inflammatory effects. It brings relief to dry skin with impaired lipid metabolism and abnormal keratinization. It is a natural healing and protective agent.

Cocos Nucifera

COCONUT OIL – obtained from coconut palm nuts. It consists primarily of unsaturated fatty acids, which leave a delicate fat layer on the skin, which prevents excessive evaporation of water from the epidermis. Smoothes and tones the skin.

Tocopheryl Acetate

VITAMIN E – this fat-soluble vitamin shows a number of properties which are beneficial for maintaining healthy skin. It contributes to regeneration of the epidermis, prevents excessive keratosis of the skin, improves blood circulation, and has antioxidant effect. It is an indispensable vitamin in many cosmetics with a smoothing and elasticizing effect on the skin, which is why it has found a place in the recipe of our butter


ESSENTIAL OILS – the main essential oils that have been used in the ILI OLA Butter recipe are the highest prized and most expensive perfumery oils, rose and sandal oil and bergamot oil. They create a luxurious and at the same time wonderfully relaxing aroma improving the well-being and creating a good mood after each use of our cosmetic. Rose oil also works anti-wrinkle and firming. It is recommended for dry skin. Sandalwood oil has anti-inflammatory and cleansing effects. Green and inconspicuous fruits Citrus bergamia or bergamot give a beautiful citrus aroma to your skin. Fresh and refreshing bergamot fragrance completes the whole composition by introducing a light citrus note which, with every subsequent application of ILI OLA Butter to the skin, brings joy and positive energy into our lives.

The first two items are hard ingredients. They are very difficult to process, so are more often a component of emulsions (a mixture of water and oil) rather than creams. There is no water in our recipe, and the production process itself takes place at a temperature below 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit). This is very important because then we keep the omega fatty acids so important for our skin.

Besides, only this production ensures that the cream has a very good adhesion, i.e. it does not rub off and does not leave a greasy film on the skin, like the known “block” body butters. Because the cream includes no water or preservatives, it can be applied to the skin during the healing process.

The aim of this cosmetic is to moisturize, smooth and improve the softness of the skin, with a very pleasant fragrance experience. The addition of rose oil allows you to relieve tension, improve your well-being and, if you use the cream after an evening bath, improve the quality of sleep. The Rejuvenating Ritual Oriental is a product used in SPA salons for relaxing body treatments. With regular use, your skin’s appearance will improve significantly, and the effects will be visible not only to you.

What improvements will your skin experience while using this cream?

  • After 4 weeks of regular use:
  • It will become firmer by an average of 75%
  • Wrinkles will become less visible by an average of 10%
  • Hydration will increase by an average of 35%
  • Unevenness will be smoothed out by an average of 11%
  • 1 hour after application, the cream will neutralize free radicals by about 27%
  • 2 hours after application, trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) is reduced by 33%

These are the results of apparatus tests carried out at the Dr. Koziej Institute of Cosmetics Research.

All subjects (100%) confirmed that the application of the cream is pleasant, and the product itself has a beautiful fragrance that relaxes them.

For men and women who struggle with dry, sallow skin, but with no healing problems. For those who consciously approach skin care, for whom the appearance of the skin reflects the health condition. The Oriental Cream is an anti-aging, highly moisturizing and smoothing cosmetic. It is an ideal cosmetic for those who appreciate a natural product combined with a pleasant application; those who like unusual, delicate fragrances. The cream is pleasant and enveloping. After application, the skin is extremely soft, bright and smells very nice. A great cosmetic for everyday evening rituals.

Ingredients/INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Theobroma Cacao, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Adansonia Digitata Seed Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Parfum*, Amyl Cinnamal**, Cinnamyl Alcohol**, Geraniol** Benzyl Benzoate**, Citronellol**,Benzyl Alcohol**, Limonene**, Linalool**.

* fragrance composition of natural essential oils; ** allergens found in natural essential oils

Product without water or preservatives. Due to the presence of allergens (bergamot allergens), the product is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children.

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Rated 5 out of 5
27 November 2021

Śliczny zapach, trochę kakaowy, trochę cytrusowy, nie spodziewałam się takiej mieszanki. Uwielbiam go. I super wygładza.skore

Rated 5 out of 5
18 November 2021

To ten sam czad co biały bezzapachowy ale uwaga, ma uzależniający zapach. Już mam tak że jak go czuje to czuje się jak “w domu”. No i tej wersji przynajmniej nie podbiera mi Mąż który woli ten bezzapachowy 🙂
Robi super mojej twarzy (od ponad roku nie używam innego kremu) a ten zapach chyba i mojej głowie robi coś fajnego. Iliola, może perfumy?

Rated 5 out of 5
18 November 2021

Od kiedy się poznaliśmy jesteśmy nierozłączni. A było to ok. pół roku temu. Mus ili ola jest ze mna wszędzie a tak gładkiej buzi nie miałam dawno, rewelacja ❤

Rated 5 out of 5
17 November 2021

Bały krem uratował moją zmasakrowaną skórę po wypadku samochodowym – nie ma śladu 🙂 a krem orientalny stosuję codziennie . Uwielbiam jego konsystencję i zapach, to jak pięknie regeneruje się moja skóra, jaka jest jędrna i elastyczna.Jestem psychofanką kremów Oli. Polecam do każdego rodzaju cery!

Rated 5 out of 5
16 November 2021

Oba kremy to prawdziwe arcydzieło,jestem w nich zakochana! Regularne stosowanie przynosi BARDZO widoczne efekty w szybkim czasie,skóra jest miękka,cudownie odżywiona, a co najważniejsze młodsza!Jestem ogromną fanką tego produktu.


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