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All our products are water-free and preservative-free. From oil, oils and butters. They make the skin gain momentum in its renewal. It regenerates quickly.

Creams and oils are so priced to make them even the most sensitive to temperature ingredients such as unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and flavonoids. A product so rich deep from life Supplementing the deficiency of sebum. It will seal the lipid barrier.

Our products don't fall into products for oily skin and dry skin, because we know both problems have a share of cause. It is a lack of good-quality sebum. Complementing the shortages you will make your skin metabolize higher and better. It will peel off help. Problems with acne will end, as well as with a thin and tired complexion. Choose the product you prefer.

Oriental scent cream in the form of a mousse, or maybe this cream without the addition of fragrances (then it smells slightly of coconut).

However, if you are a fan of For oils, try NANI face oil with a slightly herbal fragrance.


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