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Stretch marks

Stretch marks, stretch marks, stretch marks …


For women, they are probably the biggest skin problem. That is why today we will devote some time to deal with them ????


This problem affects almost 80% of women. They most often appear during puberty, when we “get in shape” and during pregnancy, but they also affect a significant number of men.


Stretch marks can also occur while practicing intense strength sports.


Fighting with existing ones is complicated and difficult …


Let’s start with the fact that stretch marks are the bands that appear most often on the skin of the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and breasts. They are the result of excessive stretching of the skin.


As a result of this stretching, the elastin and collagen fibres, which ensure smoothness, elasticity and appropriate skin tension, are broken


Stretch marks form in the dermis and are associated with impairment of fibroblast function (fibroblasts are responsible for the production of collagen and elastin)


When collagen and elastin fibres are properly constructed, they form the foundation, support the skin and are resistant to tearing.


Slowing fibroblast metabolism = slowing the synthesis of their fibres (which become fragile)


There is a disturbance in the foundation, the degradation of collagen and elastin fibre networks, resulting in stretch marks.


The reasons for the formation of stretch marks are:


– increased secretion of the stress hormone, cortisol (e.g. when you do not sleep). Cortisol has a negative effect on the immune system, in excess it can cause redness of the skin, acne and stretch marks, because its large amounts are responsible for the destruction of collagen fibres;


– drugs containing glucocorticosteroids (with a strong anti-inflammatory effect), which cause the collagen fibres to thicken and inhibit collagen synthesis in the dermis;


– increased estrogen levels (during pregnancy, when using hormonal contraception, menopause);


– increase in body mass in a short time (fat and muscle tissue);


– genetic tendencies.


We can distinguish two phases of stretch marks formation:


– phase 1, inflammatory, when the stretch marks have a red glaucous colour (you can see the blood vessels underneath the stretch marks). During this phase, we can inhibit the formation of stretch marks or minimize them;


– phase 2, atrophy, when the stretch marks are gradually fading. White visible stripes on the skin remain palpable when touched. Despite fading, they will still be visible. At this stage, you cannot restore the condition of the skin before the cavity, only to make it shallow or to lighten it.


Now that you know why stretch marks appear, it will be easier to prevent them.


We do not recommend applying products containing collagen or elastin, but using cosmetics that support the synthesis of collagen or inhibit the breakdown of elastin.


Our skin needs help in maintaining flexibility, it needs to be properly moisturized and lubricated.




– sudden changes of weight should be avoided;


– it is very important to eat properly, a diet rich in vitamins (A, E, B5, PP) and macronutrients like zinc and silicon;


– use of butter, creams, oils! Adequate oiling of the skin is the most important!


Hmmm … healthy diet, gymnastics, being in shape … we know very well that all this is not as easy as it seems;)


Therefore, the first remedy for stretch marks becomes a cream! Because after all, we only smear and it’s ready! Not only is it irreplaceable in the fight against stretch marks, the skin is soft and smooth and it smells so beautifully …


Pregnant women are especially prone to stretch marks, because their body is growing from day to day. During moisturizing the belly they forget about their breasts. It’s a big mistake! Breasts in pregnancy also change, they increase, so the appearance of stretch marks, in the absence of oiling, is almost obvious. Therefore, dear Lord, mind your breasts!


The best ingredient that can be contained in creams and butter is cocoa or shea butter. Shea is an inhibitor of elastase – an enzyme that breaks down elastin responsible for skin elasticity.


It is a source of vitamins A and E, which delay the aging process of the skin and protect it against free radicals. Shea soothes irritations, accelerates the regeneration of damaged skin, protects the skin from frost, sun and wind. Cocoa butter moisturizes and regenerates the skin.


When choosing butter or other moisturizer it is better to choose those ones with unrefined oils and butters containing all precious nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins.


Ili Ola’s Face & Body Rejuvenating Ritual is an excellent source of the most valuable nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.


It is also worth mentioning how important vitamin C is, because it supports the synthesis of collagen. Any butter, balsams with vitamin C, or supplementation helps in maintaining firm and youthful skin.


Let’s massage! By massaging the body, we improve circulation, warm the skin up, and increase the penetration of active ingredients from creams and balms.


Let’s oil to prevent excessive drying of the skin, because then it will be much more susceptible to stretch marks.


Also, dear ladies! Take butter into your own hands and start applying it all over your body! Give yourself a few minutes of relaxation, which, with time, will give you a nice and firm body.

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