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The anging process of the skin

The aging of skin is a natural, genetically-programmed endogenous process which is conditional upon the biological clock. In contrast to it, exogenous aging is caused by external factors—mainly, solar radiation, coupled with lifestyle, work, amount of sleep, and daily skin care. These factors are highly associated with production of free radicals.

Free radicals – what is it??

Functioning without one electron, free radicals are comparable to tiny monsters: they attack sound cells of our organism to take away the electron they need.

Then, they destroy enzymes; as a result, collagen and elastin get damaged.

The process is referred to as oxidation.

The process in question has an adverse effect on our health and contribute to premature aging of the organism. It is because of them that the skin grows sensitive to irritations and becomes dry, losing its elasticity, which implies the appearance of wrinkles.


How to counteract, or prevent, oxidation?


To keep your skin fit, it needs being taken appropriate care of, with biologically active ingredients applied. Penetrating into the deeper layers of the outer skin (epidermis), they activate their regenerative, nutritive, and protective functions.


The substances that counteract the process are:


Vitamin A, retinol and its derivatives (initiate reconstruction of the cells);

UVA/UVB protection filters (protect against solar radiation);

Hydroacids (support regeneration);

Antioxidants (support protection and regeneration; for example, vitamin C)

Vitamin E (supports regeneration and prevents hyperpigmentation);

Phytoestrogens (inhibit the activity of elastase which is responsible for decomposition of elastic fibres);

Hyaluronic acid (fills up the spaces between collagen fibres and keeps the skin elastic);

Stem cells (nutritive and regenerative substances).


Aging of the skin: does hydration matter?

A number of problems are caused by inappropriate hydration or moisture of the skin.

Resulting from a deficit of water in the epidermis, regeneration of the latter is inhibited; the skin becomes visibly rough, oftentimes with cracks appearing. Degeneration of the collagen and elastin structures is a serious disturbance, leading to appearance of wrinkles.

When dehydrated, skin looses tension, firmness, and sound colouring.

To minimise such occurrences, use special cosmetic preparations that prevent water from escaping from the skin.

Excellent hydration effect is achievable thanks to the use of classical cosmetics such as creams, balms and lotions, or butters, which activate film-generating factors (a film develops on the skin’s surface to prevent water from escaping), along with hygroscopic compounds (absorption of moisture, binding of water)


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Take care of yourself!

Aleksandra Kubas

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